Are you ready to take the first step to changing your health?
Do you have 80 minutes a week to devote to your health, 
mind, body and soul?
(by the way there's over 10,080 minutes in a week...)
What You're Going to Get!
  • 4 NEW 20 Minute Workouts a Week
  • ​Modifications for all levels
  • ​Bonus cardio and stretching videos
  • ​A Vault of Saved FB Lives covering all sorts of topics
  • ​Nutrition Basics that work e-guide
  • ​​Less than $2 a day with accountability through our private members page.
Team20Minutes Monthly


As a condition of participation for training services provided by trainer, Lacy (Landry) Healey, I hereby waive any and all claims I may have now or in the future against Team Healey, LLC dba My Coach Lacy in connection with or arising out of my participation in the training services provided to me within this exercise program.  I, the Client, expressly warrant and affirm that I have obtained the appropriate medical clearances to participate in the exercise and nutrition program designed by Team Healey, LLC dba My Coach Lacy.  I, the Client, acknowledge that participation in a diet and exercise program entails risk of bodily injury, illness or death, and I, the Client, knowingly and willingly accept that risk.  I, the Client, agree to release and hold Team Healey, LLC dba My Coach Lacy harmless from all claims arising from the services provided, whether from personal injury, illness, or otherwise.  I, the Client, acknowledge and warrant that I have read and understood this entire Agreement, and that by signing below, I agree to be legally bound by all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.  I understand that by purchasing this program there are no refunds, and this program is non-transferable. I understand that I can cancel this program at any time by notifying My Coach Lacy within 48hours of the scheduled subscription date or changes will be made the following month.  Payments are drafted on the date of sign up each month (example:  Sign up on the 5th, its drafted monthly on the 5th).


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