Let me guess...

You struggle with consistency?

  • You start and stop
  • Some seasons of life feel too busy to care
  • ​One more thing feels overwhelming but doing nothing also feels overwhelming
  • You lose some weight then gain some weight and "why even try anymore"
  • ​Constantly confused, you hear all the information but don't know WHAT to believe

& now...
 It's the holidays. 
You are thinking it's easier to say "eff it" & start over in January even if there's 10 more lbs 
to deal with....


you need...

This supportive and accountability based challenge is perfect for women that are busy, need POTENT and direct "what to do's" to simply and effectively navigate the Holiday season.

All of our challenges are hosted inside our Team20Minutes Community....

*if you are a current team20minutes member you do NOT need to sign up for this, you get this included with your membership!

A community teaching women how to improve their health & waistline SIMPLY in 20 minutes or less per day for $20 a month.

Do you struggle with...

  • Not knowing how to motivate yourself daily
  • ​Low energy especially in the afternoon
  • ​Seeing progress then backsliding?

Team20Minutes solves it.

These are a few of our past challenge participants.  They focused on simple changes to their daily routines. This did not include...

  • Expensive supplements
  • Time consuming meal planning
  • Rearranging their whole life for a diet

In our challenges, we teach habit change that takes less than 20 minutes per day.

All of our challenges 
are held inside of a community where you are held accountable with weekly trainings, giveaways, & women just like you 
DOING THE DAMN thing...consistently.

Everything you need to be CONSISTENT  in one spot.

They've made it seem so complicated.  
You've given up because you're confused. 
You've tried everything and who knows if what you tried is even right.... 

We make it simple.  

We tell the honest truth 
(without all the diet industry BS).  We make it sustainable.


20 minute weekly trainings you watch on your own time when you want that get to the heart of understanding your mindset and behaviors around food.  This is the key to unlocking your success.

[$199/month VALUE]


[$49/month VALUE]

We have hundreds of women just like you navigating motherhood, work and life.  You are in a community and can participate at your own speed.
Monthly Challenges help you "habit stack" simple ways to improve your life and waistline in under 20 minutes per day.

[$99/month VALUE]


[$299/month VALUE]

FREE Access to resources like our Emotions of Eating 15 minute experience + our 12 step guide to weight loss freedom.  
Recipes and easy to follow meal PDFs and meal templates to make grocery shopping and the kitchen less overwhelming.

[$99/month VALUE]


[$99/month VALUE]

Easy-to-Follow Video Guided Workouts that Anyone, Anywhere Can Do.  Modifications are given for all levels so you start how you need to.

This is all in our easy to navigate app.  
Health and wellness in ONE spot.


What if I told you that we're NOT supposed to get heavier, sadder, and unhealthier as we age?!

On the left, the lowest point of my life. I hadn’t felt good in years.⁣ I sat in a rheumatologist office where once again they told me “all you can do is take this pill”.⁣

I chose to not let that be my life sentence. I chose to dig deeper. I chose to heal.

1️⃣ I get to feel sexy as I age.⁣
2️⃣ My girls deserve a Mom who feels good.⁣
3️⃣ I want to be a wife & mom that’s confident.⁣
4️⃣ I am capable of controlling my health.⁣
5️⃣ I would literally do anything if it meant I never spent another day like the woman on the left had decided was her normal.⁣

And yes, I have setbacks. I have been in the place where I was too tired and overwhelmed with Motherhood but decided to try every day.⁣

I believe in women’s power to choose their health and their vitality because I have walked the road to choose that for myself.⁣

I chose happiness and health for my girls. Are you ready to join us?

Get easy to Follow workouts & Simple nutrition guidance to meet the demands of your life.

Take the guesswork & stress out of trying lose weight.  With simple workouts, to the point nutrition guidance, and challenges to keep you engaged, THIS IS THE PLACE to be to take control of your waistline and health.

Helping Women improve their health and waistline SIMPLY in 20 minutes or less per day for $20 a month.


Hey y'all! I'm Lacy - wife, mom of 2 little girls & a 13 year veteran in the fitness industry. 

In 2017, we adopted our daughter Meili and at 35, my whole life turned upside down... we were handed an autism diagnosis and spent almost every week in specialists offices. My health went downhill, quick. Rock bottom came in 2 parts and in December 2017 I started filmed 20 minute workouts to get back in shape. It's all the time I could commit, but it was enough. I believe when we focus on what we CAN do, amazing things happen. 

Welcome to my world... 
where we CAN, together!

Join Us!

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